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Dr. Simone Lindenau (Ph.D.)


2012—Promotion to “Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology – Ph.D. (RUS)”

1994—Qualified in classical homeopathy, Berlin

1993—Certification as a “Alternative Practitioner”, Berlin

1992—Diploma in Biology - Free University, Berlin


  • 2014—EFT - “Emotional Freedom Techniques -Training” (Level 1 & 2) & “Matrix-Reimprinting” and “Advanced Tools” with Karin Davidson (trainee of Karl Dawson – originator) on Jamaica. Certification “EFT & Matrix-Reimprinting Practitioner” www.matrixreimprinting.com   
  • 2013—Certification “Consultant Intestinal Health” (DePROM)    
  • 2012—Promotion to “Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology – Ph.D. (RUS)” Thesis title: “Effect of “emotional process support” on migraine patients” “Matrix energy treatments”, training with Armin Burkhard and Andrew Blake Practitioner training “Matrix Enegetics” (Level 1 & 2) with Richard Bartlett & Melissa Joy    
  • 2008—Conduction of studies to demonstrate the effect of “emotional process support” on migraine patients    
  • 2007—Development of “Circle Process” as part of emotional process therapy of IEPA (Institute for Emotional Process Therapy) & certification    
  • 2006—Participation in cooperative-work of systemic constellations with IEPA (Institute for Emotional Process Therapy), including in depth training of systemic constellations lead by Dr. med. Dorothea von Stumpfeldt    
  • Since 2005 Implementation of “Systemic Constellations”, partially including homeopathicmedicine    
  • 2005—Certification “Adiposity- and Nutritional Counseling”    
  • 2004Certification BKHD (German alliance of registered “classical homeopaths”)    
  • 2003—Certification as “Mycotherapy Advisor” Project “Homeopathes without borders” at Kenia Education of folkways/ traditional midwives in Classical Homeopathy    
  • 1998—Development & introduction of “homeo-reduction” (homeopathic weight reduction), working with patients who seek support losing weight    
  • 1997—Certification as “Aqua Fitness Instructor”, active in this field until 1999    
  • 1994—Began practicing as a homeopath, alternative practitioner and nutritional advisor    
  • 1990-1994 Further education as a “Classic Homeopath” under German and international homeopaths (Georgos Vithoulkas, Ananda Zaren, Alfons Geukens, Massimo Mangialavori and others....)
  • 1986-1992 Studied Biology and Psychology